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About Minisize

As I write these words, I can still hear all the conversations I had with certain parents like you, whom I would meet at the supermarket or at the playground and discuss our children’s clothes. Some clothes are expensive, others are more reasonably priced but lacking in character. Without my realizing it at the time, it was you who back then unwittingly planted the seed of my inspiration. I had designed clothes I wanted my son to wear, and I was looking for something similar, but being a typical Greek mom... forget it! The most important messages though, come from children who are lucky enough to live between the realms of imagination and reality. "Why don’t you make me a shirt?" Phillipos said to me one day, with an "everything is possible" expression on his face. That was, in a way, how my journey began – with the spontaneity of my first son, but also with the inspiration of a little being which I had already seen with the eyes of my soul. I created most of my designs in parallel with the creation of a children’s bedroom for my second son, Michalis. There could be no better atelier for children’s clothes... don’t you agree?

In fact, the first article of clothing I ever made was much, much earlier, using my grandmother’s sewing machine. All these years I’ve held on to both it and the sewing machine. I never imagined that I would follow in my grandmother’s footsteps, and it saddens me that she is not by my side to see me... or perhaps, she is...!

Today I am very happy because my dream has come true: an e-shop through which you will be able to quickly and easily dress your little stars in a vast variety of clothing of the highest quality. But I have also thought about mom and dad. I’ve thought about the whole family; A sartorial game for all!

Almost a year passed between the conception of the idea and the first day the e-shop was finally up and running. The samples came and went for months between myself and the production line until, in my hands I held exactly what I had imagined. In the midst of a new world for me, among patterns, materials and colors, I found a new paradise! The journey was beautiful but difficult; much more difficult that I had imagined. I could easily compare it to pregnancy... and I need not mention the labor (without an epidural) since I’m sure you understand. Nothing is worth more than making your dream a reality.

The name of which – Minisize !
Let us enjoy it !!
Sissy Christidou